Earn $250 or more charging scooters.

We serve juicers, chargers, transporters

We Solve Real Problems juicers face

what can we do for you?

Reliable Earnings

If you are troubled by unreliable charging locations and transport we can help

Need a Charging spot ?

Landlord issues , neighbor complaints. Our commercial locations help you charge more and earn more,

Need a charging vehicle ?

Your small car doesn't fit your scooters ? Need a larger vehicle to work ?

We are live in Los Angeles serving juicers !

We've charged over 50,000 e-scooters, and counting.

Charging Spot Pricing

We have different plans available based on your charging needs


$ 18 / Per day
  • 24 chargers
  • 12 Hour access


$ 25
/ Per day
  • 24 Chargers
  • 24 Hour access


$ 600 / Per month
  • 24 Chargers
  • 24 Hours

Need A Vehicle?


Are you a bulk charger? Are you constrained by the small vehicle you own ? 


Discover a new way  to earn more cash. Delivering food and charging scooters.

VAN Rental Rates


$ 40
/ Per Day
  • High Roof
  • 10 Fast Chargers
  • 80 Mile Range
  • 80 Scooters


$ 840 / Per Month
  • High Roof
  • 10 Fast Chargers
  • 2500 Mile Range
  • 80 Scooters

Trike Rental

Discover a new way to charge scooters


$ 29


$ 39

Our Story

When I first started charging for side income, I got a notice from my landlord. 

I started looking for other places to charge, but it was difficult to find. That gave me the idea to start JUMPWATTS.

At Jumpwatts we are focused on solving the issues juicers and chargers, face in their day to day life. We are focused on making their life better by bringing innovation. The best ideas come from people doing hard work. 

If you have an idea and would like to make it a reality contact us.

Some happy Juicers !

“My hours were cut back at work, so I needed a source of extra income. I started charging scooters. But I was spending more time on the road collecting scooters usually with my kid on the passenger seat. With JumpWatts, I was able to get the charging done and back home faster. It lets me Spend more time with family”
Dale Witherspoon
Bird Charger
JumpWatts charging racks was so easy to use , saved my knees and back. I suffer from back and knee issues, but I have been charging scooters for extra income. I usually have to climb 2 flight of stairs to my apartment. Now imagine hauling 30 scooters up and down everyday !
Martin Rodriguez
Lime Juicer

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